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Bentonite is an absorbent of impure clay consisting of montmorillonite. There are various types of bentonite, each named after a dominant element such as potassium or sodium. For industrial purposes two main types of bentonite are used - sodium and calcium. If you are looking for a natural substance for any kind of water-related sealing, look no further. D W Jensen Drilling Ltd. is your go-to contractor. We sell and deliver pre-packaged Bentonite 3/8 chips by the bag or in prepackaged chubs. To learn more about bentonite chips in the Grande Prairie area, speak to our friendly staff.

Sodium Bentonite

This type of bentonite is the most effective sealant on the market. It swells many times its mass and then forms a strong water-and-chemical-proof seal. This makes sodium bentonite an ideal, inexpensive and permanent liner. It is environment-friendly as it contains no chemicals, additives, or toxic elements. 

Uses of Bentonite Chips

Bentonite chips react differently when they come in contact with water. When moist, these turn into a gel like substance with a high rate of liquid absorption. This is why it acts effectively as a barrier between water and soil. Some of the common uses of bentonite chips are as follows:

They are commonly used in the well drilling process. These are added to water and cement to create drilling mud. Important to the oil-drilling process, it carries rock chips and drill cuttings to the surface.

Sodium bentonite is also used in sealing de-commissioned wells. To avoid ground water seepage, it is important to seal them effectively.

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At D W Jensen Drilling LTD., we offer you quality bentonite chips in Grande Prairie. We also offer various services such as trucking, dust compaction, and more. If you have any questions on the application and uses of bentonite, speak to our team of experienced professionals. They will be happy to assist you.

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