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  • bentonite chips used in building foundation
    Bentonite Chip FAQs

    From waterproofing building foundations to sealing abandoned wells, bentonite chips have several applications in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

    As one of the reputed bentonite chip suppliers in Grande Prairie, D W Jensen Drilling Ltd. has addressed some frequently asked questions in this blog post.

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  • Truck driving on Ice Road
    How to Build and Maintain Ice Roads for Your Worksite

    If your worksite is in a remote location that isn’t easy to access during the winter months, an ice road may be your best option for transporting materials to and from the site. Ice roads constructed by professionals with experience building and maintaining winter travel routes in the Grande Prairie area can help you bypass obstacles and cut down on travel time so you can get the job done faster. Keep reading to learn more about building and maintaining ice roads.

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  • Dust compaction in Alberta
    Dust Compaction

    Dust, dirt, and soil. They’re the embodiment of the earth and, like us, they can be as delicate as a newborn or as calloused as a life-long labourer. As our flesh becomes calloused by wear, soils too become compacted by the simple application of pressure from foot traffic, vehicles, and even rain drops. The greater this pressure, the greater the soil compaction.

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  • Water hauling in Alberta
    The Importance of Professional Water Hauling for Construction Sites

    Water hauling services for Grande Prairie construction sites are an important component of maintaining a safe, efficient, and overall well-functioning working environment. Hiring a trusted water hauling company such as D W Jensen Drilling Ltd. to provide you with all of your water needs will help you get the job done right and on time.

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