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What Is the Importance of Dust Compaction?

Dust compaction is a crucial part of the construction industry. Whether you are building a foundation or pavement for a structure, you must implement this process for providing a flat base. Count on D W Jensen Drilling for dust compaction services throughout Alberta.

We are an industrial equipment supplier that has been in the industry since 1976. We also offer track rental, ice road building  services.

Objectives of Dust Compaction

Compaction provides support and stability to the structures built on it. The process boosts the elasticity of the soil. Attention is needed to ensure that the structure is adequately supported. Compaction of dust and elimination of air voids decreases the soil's compressibility and permeability and increases its strength. The process reduces the voids’ ratio, which in turn makes it difficult for water to flow through the soil.


The various objectives of soil compaction include:

  • Increase stability

  • Increase durability

  • Increase bearing capacity

  • Increase resistance to deformation

  • Decrease frost damage

  • Decrease permeability

Risks of Not Performing Dust Compaction

If dust compaction is not performed properly, the soil may move and water may pass under the foundation. This movement can damage the building walls which will eventually lead to collapsing. Not performing dust compaction can also cause roads to be unstable and cause pipes underneath them to crack.


Selecting The Right Dust Compaction Equipment

No single compactor machine can do everything. Various factors influence the choice of equipment, including the type of soil and method specification. The three major types of compactors are:


  • Vibratory steel drum roller compactors: Used to compress the surface to an even smooth surface. Mostly used for roadways.

  • Pneumatic tire roller compactors: These are used on small and medium jobs. Their tires have a little bridging effect in between to seek out soft spots that exist in the soil.

  • Padded drum compactors: They have rolled edges to move without muddling up the soil. They are also tapered to help clean themselves.

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