Top Uses of Track Carriers

Whether you’re constructing or demolishing your property, you need to have access to versatile machinery to get the work done. While excavators and skid steers work for plain land, transporting materials in rough terrains is a job for track carriers. The heavy-duty rubber tracks provide the grip and strength needed for easy transportation. You can also choose from different track sizes for different terrains and jobs, meaning track carriers can be customized as per the project's needs. The versatility of this machine will allow you to get your work done in time and with efficiency.

At D W Jensen Drilling Ltd., we provide track carrier rentals for affordable prices in Grande Prairie and throughout Alberta. Read on to know the top uses of these machines in various industries if you are still unsure of the application of track carriers.

  • Hauling Supplies
    Most construction jobs require hauling of dirt and rocks. If the ground is muddy or rocky, it could end up slowing down your project and waste precious time. Wheeled vehicles may break down due to rough terrain and add extra cost while slowing down your project. Track tiers are the best option to make sure there are no transportation issues. From steep land to hard-to-reach places, track carriers allow you to carry everything from material to transporting workers.

  • Site Inspection
    Connecting new pipelines or upgrading the existing pipelines can be a tricky process. While wheeled semi-trucks can be used for such jobs, track carriers with hydro excavation units or vacuum excavation units work better in such situations. The agility provided by the rubber tracks helps you tackle severe ground conditions and get the work done efficiently. It provides a safer, cost-effective and faster way of exposing the pipelines.

  • Site Restoration
    While digging up the land to inspect sewers and pipelines can be quickly done with a track carrier, restoring the site to its original state is easy. If your track carrier is attached to a hydro-seeder, you're all set to bring the property to its original state—the rubber tracks, with its flotation ability, leaves minimal footprint. The hydro-seeder helps seed, fertilize and mulch, all in one smooth move. This also helps control any erosion that may happen because of all the excavations.

  • Welding Jobs
    Pipeline construction consists of welding pipes and making new structures to add to the existing ones. A carrier, attached to welding decks, can make your job easier. Reaching into low ground pressure areas and off-road properties are more comfortable with the rubber tracks of the carrier. This not only helps you finish the jobs with efficiency but also with ease.
  • Other Miscellaneous Tasks
    While track carriers are used for specific tasks as mentioned above, they can also be used for other smaller tasks. When your carrier is paired with a flatbed or a crane, you could accomplish tasks such as lifting pipes for inspection and coating, heating coil rings, and other tasks that require the suspension of materials. While this work might not be the main reason for hiring a track carrier, it comes handy when such work has to be done. You do not need to worry about renting additional machinery.

With necessary additions such as flatbeds, dump beds, personal cabins, welding decks, and other configurations, you can customize the track carrier according to your needs. You can rely on us for track carriers, whether you need it with or without an operator. We also offer single and crew cabin configurations along with other track carrier parts and repairs. Read our blog on how to build and maintain ice roads for your worksite.

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