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Four Benefits of Water Hauling | D W Jensen Drilling Ltd.

Water is essential on construction and mining sites as it plays a major role in suppressing dust, prepping material and slurry transport. However, the need for a water truck gets overlooked by some contractors since they focus only on other building aspects. Being prepared is the key to reduce interruptions on-site and this is where the importance of water hauling comes into the picture.

You can always count on D W Jensen Drilling for water hauling service. We also provide other services, such as track rental and ice road building. We have been serving Grande Prairie since 1976.

We have prepared this blog to let you know about the benefits of water hauling, some of which are:

1. Dust control

Activities, such as construction and mining, produce a lot of dust. A water truck can help in dust control because water is extremely effective in settling airborne dust particles.

2. Cost-effective

D W Jensen Drilling offers solutions to help organizations meet a range of construction needs. Hiring a water truck, instead of purchasing one, is a more cost-efficient choice when you have a short-term job.

Some clients also approach us for water hauling, if they require additional support for larger projects. Others request to temporarily replace their old water trucks that need repair.

3. Firefighting

Water trucks are very helpful in remote areas where there aren’t enough fire hydrants to use, to put out fires that happen in construction sites. These trucks carry the water needed by firefighters to control fires and also to dampen fire-prone areas that could get burned easily.

4. Soil compaction

The soil must be compressed to create an even ground so that roads, buildings and bridges can be built safely. When heavyweight compacting tools like rammers, rollers and vibratory plates are used for compacting soil, the air will be removed from the soil while the water content will remain intact.

Water trucks aren’t just a ready water source at construction sites, but also a way to help maintain a good water to soil ratio, to create stable compaction.

Looking for Water Hauling Services?

D W Jensen Drilling can be your reliable vendor for meeting all your water hauling requirements. Our licensed operators and well-maintained fleet of trucks can handle all types of jobs. We have been serving both commercial clients in Grande Prairie and the surrounding areas for over 40 years.

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